Join us for volunteer training to map and survey intertidal habitats. ‘Adopt’ a small beach section of Boundary Bay to monitor once or twice annually. Shorekeepers

Shorekeepers is stewardship of coastal marine habitats by people who live near them. It is a monitoring methodology designed specifically for community groups and for people who may not have a strong science background to be able to contribute to scientific data collection. Having local community groups and individuals take an active role in looking after their coastline fosters "local ownership" and interest.

Have you ever wondered how barnacles survive out of water for so long at low tide? What creature makes those holes in the sand? Shorekeepers learn an astonishing amount about intertidal life on the beaches near their communities. By actually having to learn to identify different species of marine invertebrates and algae, one begins to appreciate the beauty and complexity that exists. For example, seaweed may seem like a slippery mass growing over the rocks, but a closer look reveals a myriad of delicate seasonal plants, in colours ranging from pink through green, olive, and brown.

Workshop Dates 2016: May 6th, 7th

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Training Weekend Schedule:

  • Friday, 6:30pm - 10:00pm - Program Introduction and classroom session
    Location: South Surrey Rec Center

  • Saturday: approx. 9:00am - 4:00pm - Site survey practice at White Rock Beach (West of boat ramp)
    Location: S. Surrey Rec Center and White Rock Beach (West of boat ramp)

    Current Survey Sites & dates:

    May 6,7 White Rock Beach Training Site - Leader: FOSBs
    Sun. July 3 Coldicutt Site - Leader: Sharon Jones
    A Rocha / Little Campbell River Site - Leader: Christy Juteau
    Sat. May 21 Blackie Spit Site - Leader: Sarah Brookes/Chantelle Kingston
    Sat. June 4 24th Ave. Site - Leader: Paulus Vrijmoed
    Sun. June 19 1001 Steps Brittle Stars Site - Leader: Lynn Pollard & Yvonne Dawydiak

    Check out: for more information about:

    • The fostering of ‘local ownership’ interest & active participation in coastline preservation
    • Learning to identify different species of marine invertebrates & algae
    • Detection of gradual changes to habitats & local biodiversity using established data collection techniques



  • Be a ‘Shorekeeper’!

    To learn more about how to become involved in this citizen science initiative or to register for training, send an email with your information and/or questions to:

    Subject: Shorekeepers Registration

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