Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas

The Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas: Boundary Bay is an ongoing web based project lead by Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society (FoSBS) and the Community Mapping Network (CMN), in partnership with government agencies and non-profit organizations. The Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas: Boundary Bay printed version of the Habitat Atlas is a fascinating compilation of over 100 beautiful colour photographs and maps and the descriptive text tells about the geographical and ecological features of the area, a very special place. It represents only a small portion of the information, maps and data on line that can be viewed at the Community Mapping Network, Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas: Boundary Bay .

The project started in 2002 as the Boundary Bay Habitat Atlas, when Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society recognized a compilation of watershed and marine based information for the area was needed. In 2005, the Habitat Atlas Working Group recognized future watershed planning would need information about the greater watershed ecosystem across jurisdictional borders, thus the Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas began. The Atlas is intended to be used as a long term planning resource and can be used to help protect fisheries, wildlife and aquatic habitat resources and contribute to planning sustainable communities.

Boundary Bay is an ecologically important area spanning the coastline between British Columbia, Canada and Washington State, USA. It lies in the heart of the Georgia Basin - Puget Sound region, part of the sheltered, inside marine waters of the Pacific Northeast coast. The Atlas provides an overview of the geographical and ecological features of this important area.
As human populations increase in the Georgia Basin, demand for resources and land has accelerated. When habitat is degraded or destroyed by urban, industrial and agricultural development, wildlife species are put at risk and vital ecological services provided by healthy habitats are lost. Government agencies are under tremendous pressure to respond to requests for development. The Atlas was created to address the need for better natural resource information.

The printed Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas: Boundary Bay has been funded by the White Rock & Surrey Naturalists Eve Bene Fund, the Vancouver Foundation, Vancity Envirofund, the Little Campbell Watershed Society, the City of Surrey, Corporation of Delta, BC Ministry of Environment, BC Nature and Nature Guides BC.


The Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas is now available in print for a suggested donation of $75.00.

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